I decided to create this website, along with the blog, as a way to not only display my skills and experiences, but also to share any thoughts that I might find useful for other people.

Since this is the first post of the blog, I think I should describe myself a little, so, on to the introductions:

I’m André 🙂 I’m from Portugal and I study Computer Engineering at the University of Porto. I love computer science, it’s one of my biggest passions, and I know for sure that I want to work on technology because I’m just too big of a fan of it! I still feel the same excitement I used to feel as a kid when I learn about some cutting-edge amazing product some company made.

But that’s not all about me. Another great passion I have is music. Nothing can make me feel the way music does, and nothing’s better than plugging in the headphones late at night and listening to some great songs.

Finally, I should tell you about the sport of my life: basketball. I’ve played it since I was a kid, and the complexity and intensity of the sport is simply irreplaceable.

That’s pretty much it 🙂 I hope that by making this blog I can inspire other people to do what I have always tried to do – follow their dreams – because that, I believe, is the true purpose of living.



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